Design Process

The team of KME Architects thoroughly understands the strategic planning required to complete projects successfully. We have a plan to navigate the design and permitting process, site logistics, existing site conditions, and community interaction regarding design and construction impact. All this careful planning enables us to help you deliver your project vision.

We pride ourselves in building the project before construction even commences. With input from our design team, subcontractors and suppliers, milestones are established and issues, such as protection of the public, road closures, environmental issues, and other constraints, are incorporated. This process continues to prove crucial in developing a realistic schedule that holds all of the subcontractors accountable.

Design Services
The team of KME Architects will approach the project in a systematic way, to allow for a managed and seamless design and construction process. Specifically, we will approach the remaining design and construction work following our scheduled packages.

Design Development Documents
With emphasis on the building enclosure, structural and MEP systems will be dedicated. The building plans, elevations, cores, and other elements will be refined. Specialty consultants such as acoustics, LEED, and lighting will develop drawings and advise the design team. Consultant drawings will be refined, coordinated, and integrated. The KME team members will provide ongoing cost verification and constructability advice.

Quality Control During Design Development
During the design development phase, it is critical to maintain a high level of discourse between all team members in order to identify conflicts and immediately facilitate resolutions. The design team is actively engaged in the coordination process through frequent distribution of in progress sketches, which pinpoint areas of concern, in lieu of conflict. Associate team members will utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) to further refine this process. This approach promotes ownership of design solutions by all team members and provides a method of tracking design rationale.

A key part of the design team will be a dedicated Quality Assurance/Quality Control Director (QA/QC) for the life of the project. This individual will be a senior, highly experienced project architect, who has the experience and wherewithal to comprehensively and meticulously address all issues. Ensuring that the QA/QC reviews all drawings and is a key part of the decision-making process, will formatively lead to the successful completion of the project.

Construction Documents
The design development set will undergo a rigorous life-cycle analysis to ensure long-term life-cycle costs and expenses are appropriate to this project. Contract documents will be developed by augmenting information to the base design development drawings. Full system sheets will be developed, packages determined, and constructability issues resolved.


  • All architectural, interior, engineering, and other drawings as developed by team professionals with milestone schedules.
  • A complete set assembled for review at the 30%, 65%, 95% and100% design development, 100% construction document completion levels