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The Hygeia health and wellness medical office was a Tenant Improvement that consisted of the transformation of an existing office space into a high end luxurious concierge medical office. KME was commissioned by the owner and prime doctor practitioner to design a space to cater to an exclusive clientele. KME Architects was tasked with creating a space that felt very comfortable and inviting and made the typical doctors visit an enjoyable experience. Although KME architects was able to redesign almost the entire space to create this unique doctor’s office, the existing space did hold some challenges in the existing utilities. KME worked with our consultants to design systems and spaces that would incorporate some of the existing conditions that saved the owner money in the final construction budget without sacrifice to the design.

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KME Architects is a full service architectural firm that has proudly serviced Las Vegas, Guam, Atlanta and surrounding areas since 2009. Our skilled architects embrace all aspects of sustainable design and provide services in both the public and private sector.

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KME Architects was nominated as the best small firm in Las Vegas in 2010 by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and was selected by the City of Las Vegas to lead the master planning and Building Commission of the oldest elementary school in Las Vegas history.

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