Eclipse Luxury Movie Theatre

Eclipse Movie Theatre
Project Description:
The vision for Eclipse movie theatre is to take the traditional movie theatre experience and incorporate many more elements of the entertainment experience. The facilities will include a restaurant, bar, and lounge, to maximize the visitor’s experience. KME Architects is tasked with developing a progressive design that creates an upscale environment that this innovative theatre calls for. KME Architects understand the magnitude of this project on every level and the impact it will have on the surrounding community. Our intensions to fill a need for the downtown area by providing a separate option to entertainment from the typical gaming experience and generate economic growth are the driving force for the completion of this theatre.

KME Architects’ design for the project was the combination of the client’s vision, our expertise and a need in the community to provide an entertainment complex that offered multiple choices for leisure for all age groups without the typical gaming experience that has so long defined the area.

The disciplines provided in this project included: Architectural, Interior Design, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Soils Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical Engineering, A/V Consulting.