Historic West Side School – 1948 bldg

The 1948 Annex building at the Historic West Side School is an important part of Las Vegas History. As the need for educational space grew due the inclusion of students and a boom in population, the need for additional classroom facilities were required. Although not as old as the original school house structure, the Annex building played a role in the historical significant of the school’s campus.

KME Architects was commissioned thru the award of a competitive SOQ issued by the city of Las Vegas. The restoration of the Annex building plays an important role in the overall design and restoration of the original building and campus. KME Architects’ idea for the restored Annex building is to house small offices and retail spaces as well as include a small café to attract people to the area. The original courtyard was redesigned to provide pedestrians a gathering place with landscaping, shade trees and seating. The incorporation of these features would help develop a project that will maintain a sense of attraction in the community and establish a public presence.

The disciplines provided in this project included: Architectural, Interior Design, Historic Architectural Consulting, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Soils Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Horticulture consulting, Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical Engineering.