L’ARC New world Hotel

KME Architects co-founder, Melvin Green had the opportunity to work in China for 3 years prior to joining KME Architect. As an employee of CadVision, architect of record for the L’ARC New World Hotel, Melvin had a great opportunity to immerse himself in the eastern culture and help him create some of the unique and extravagant concepts for the L’ARC hotel. The concept for the spaces in this project evokes the sense of a five star luxury hotel and incorporates many of the elements and features of the Chinese culture. Two design options were presented for the main entry; the first accentuated the 2 story area with natural lighting. The second design provided a water feature element, which reinforced the hotel prominence.

The design for the casino floor and performance stage incorporated vibrant colors throughout the space which invoke a sense of happiness to the patrons of the hotel. As shown in the following images the use of bright and vibrant colors are integrated into the design to help reinforce the prominence of the hotel, while still creating an overall elegant and classic style.