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Eclipse Luxury Movie Theatre

The vision for Eclipse movie theatre is to take the traditional movie theatre experience and incorporate many more elements of the entertainment experience. The facilities will include a restaurant, bar, and lounge, to maximize the visitor’s experience. KME Architects is tasked with developing a progressive design that creates an upscale environment that this innovative theatre calls for. KME Architects understand the magnitude of this project on every level and the […]

Flamingo Convention Center

KME Architects is commissioned to provide architectural and interior design services for the remodel of the convention center at the Flamingo Casino and Hotel. The existing 3rd floor of the building houses over 80,000 sf of convention space that includes: Grand Ballrooms, Meeting rooms, Pre-Function area and Executive meeting spaces. The current space has signs of wear and distress that pose a problem for the marketability and ability to attract […]

The Club at Sunrise

The Desert Rose Golf Course Clubhouse project consisted of providing a new building to take the place of two existing building that had previously housed the pro shop, offices in one building and the restaurant and kitchen in another building. KME Architects was commissioned to design a new Clubhouse Building that would help revitalize the area and attract patrons back to the golf course and restaurant. KME Architects’ design for […]

Apache Casino

Apache Casino Loft Bar

KME Architects was proud to be asked to design the new main bar for the Apache Casino / Hotel in Ft. Sill Oklahoma. As architect of record for the new bar, the goal was to increase the bar area to accommodate increased customers, to include new gaming within the bar, design a performance stage and increase the casino floor layout to allow for an increase in slot machine gaming. KME […]

L’ARC New world Hotel

L’ARC New world Hotel

KME Architects co-founder, Melvin Green had the opportunity to work in China for 3 years prior to joining KME Architect. As an employee of CadVision, architect of record for the L’ARC New World Hotel, Melvin had a great opportunity to immerse himself in the eastern culture and help him create some of the unique and extravagant concepts for the L’ARC hotel. The concept for the spaces in this project evokes […]

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