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T- Mobile Arena

The MGM Arena project (T-Mobile Arena) was a project in which KME Architects was able to really display our capability to not only work on a large scale project independently, but to also show our strengths and values as part of the larger project team. KME Architects, won the confidence of MGM Resorts International to be included as part of the architecture and design team. This project consisted of many […]

Unity Tower

Unity Tower

KME Architects participation in the skyscraper competition for eVolo Magazine is represented in the following images. This competition had no limits in regards to the size, program or site for the project as to allow participants to create freely to their highest potential of imagination. The focus was to address issues such as unplanned urban sprawl, social and environmental impact, and context. We were to consider advances in technology in […]

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KME Architects is a full service architectural firm that has proudly serviced Las Vegas, Guam, Atlanta and surrounding areas since 2009. Our skilled architects embrace all aspects of sustainable design and provide services in both the public and private sector.

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KME Architects was nominated as the best small firm in Las Vegas in 2010 by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and was selected by the City of Las Vegas to lead the master planning and Building Commission of the oldest elementary school in Las Vegas history.

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