Sustainable Design

KME Architects takes a personal and ethical interest in providing LEED consulting services in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Our commitment to providing LEED consultant services is present in the work that we do for all of our clients, past and present.

Imagining, designing, and implementing sustainable renovations can be a huge undertaking. Make your life easier by utilizing the LEED Consultant skills that KME Architects possess to assist you in forming an effective strategy for your green building renovations. KME Architects works with the desire to foster a healthy environment and we view our projects as part of a complex system that works within it’s context.

Environmentally Conscious Drive And Focus

KME is a diversified Las Vegas architectural firm that has embraced all aspects of LEED consulting services and sustainable design. KME Architects belongs to the school of thought that believes it is always better to create, change, or add to your space if you approach the process in an energy and material conscious manner. KME architects operate in both the public and private sectors providing our services to those that need it. Our skill set as LEED consultants translates to providing high-performing, energy and water efficient, healthy buildings.

We understand that what we do makes a tremendous impact on our environment. Keeping these things in mind helps us focus on LEED consulting services that entail obtaining sustainable sites, water efficiency, conservation and protection of energy and atmosphere, as well as materials and resources. Combine these things with our industry-leading innovation and design and you have created a winning combination in a LEED Consultant.

Pursuit of Excellence

Pursuit of excellence has helped to foster constant growth and success since KME Architects was established in 2009. We pride ourselves on having the ability to translate these talents to a successful building design regardless of the scope or building type. KME’s growth as a LEED consulting firm stems from a drive for customer satisfaction, a relentless pursuit of excellence, and the desire to outperform ourselves on each and every project. We stand as firm in our dedication to our clients as we are committed to providing eco-friendly LEED Consulting services. Please feel free to browse the KME website and look at some of the projects we have completed in the past as well as our client list.

If you are interested in our LEED Consulting services or have any questions about any of our other services, please feel free to contact KME Architects in Las Vegas by phone or by using our online request form.