Kickoff / Building and Site Assessment/HBAS

Key project participants/focus on goals and objectives for the master planning study, review existing data and reports, confirm program requirements for all aspects of the baseline existing conditions/grants and other funding research.

Programming – City of Las Vegas/ Current users

Identification of working group/synthesize working group goals/ identification of common goals. Focus on a thorough review of any existing programming data and current objectives/secretary of interiors standards for rehabilitation will be used as a guide to help formulate the planning process.

Programming – Community Outreach

Coordinate and work with the city’s neighborhood services department as appropriate in a community outreach program/guide community input process

Master Planning and Conceptual Design

Site and facility master planning and conceptual design/place quantified and qualified program elements into the context of a space plan, building foot print and site layout/will develop alternatives.

Cost Estimate and Funding Strategies

Conduct a cost modeling workshop to test master plan documents and the intended approach to sustainability, historic preservation, deferred maintenance and desired solutions/review phasing and life cycle costs.

Final Review and Presentation

After the master plan documents are updated to reflect input and direction received at the cost modeling workshop, a presentation of the final master plan documents

Master planning public presentation / Outreach

After the master plan documents are updated to reflect final input and directions from the city, a presentation of the final master plan documents to the community through a second outreach program with neighborhood services will be held.