Sunset Park Pump House

CC RPM Sunset Park Pump House & Observation Deck

Project Description:
The sunset park pump house and observation deck project consist of the existing dilapidated pump house that is used to pump water from the lake to supply the park’s irrigation system. The existing pump house has exceeded its life span and at one time also include an observation deck that allowed park goers to walk over the water and view the lake. The observation deck was removed years ago due to the age constant repair issues. KME is tasked with the re-design and engineering of a new pump house building and observation deck.

Due to the age of the existing facilities KME is task with field verifying many of the complex existing condition to properly documents the state and potential reuse of any existing elements which include footing, equipment and underground utilizes. KME’s design for a new structure will provide the staff with the appropriate size space to house the existing pumps and provide ample clearances for pump maintenance, tool storage and, typical daily staff activities.

As part of this project, KME also designed a portion of the roof to be removable in order to create a properly sized opening for maintenance staff to hoist equipment in and out of the building in a proper manner. The final design and construction of the roof provides a fully enclosed structure for the equipment and secure access to the building, preventing unauthorized access to the building and equipment. The disciplines provided in this project included: Architectural, Civil Engineering, Plumbing Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Structural Engineering.