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KME Architects is a full-service architectural firm that has been providing tenant improvement services in Las Vegas for nearly half a decade. KME Architects architectural firm strives to respond to the needs of its clients by providing eco-friendly ideas that are esthetically pleasing and meet our client needs. Our talented team of professionals have the skills, drive, and know how to design the tenant improvements you have in mind. We operate in both the public and private sectors and have been contracted for government, commercial projects, retail and residential projects.

We Can Assist With Any Project

When it comes to tenant improvement services, KME Architects focuses on achieving our client’s goals. Consulting with the client and communicating effectively are two efficient methods to help save our client’s time and money. KME Architects offers a full range of tenant improvement services from conception to completion. Any alterations our clients need to have made to a property can be designed and customized by our expert staff. Let us help you increase the marketability of your rental property or increase your workspace and efficiency of your business.

Your Project Is Our Project

Tenant ImprovementsKME Architects are the tenant improvement professionals in Las Vegas that place their client’s interest first. KME Architects is an award-winning architectural firm based out of Las Vegas that is completely equipped to professionally, creatively, and expertly handle your tenant improvement requests. Projects that KME Architects take on are completed on time, within budget, and with a sense of style all while maintaining eco-friendly ideals. We are committed to creating unique methods to combine sustainability with our client’s needs and desires. We attempt to envision the practical use of the space created, and can help you increase the efficiency and comfort of your property.

A Rising Star

If KME Architects undertakes a project for a client, it is our practice to pay close attention to the latest cost-effective trends. KME Architects can create a master plan for your tenant improvements that will bring your vision to reality. The Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce nominated KME Architects, as the best new small business firm in 2010. We have built a reputation based on creativity, efficiency, and environmentally conscious concepts.

If you are interested in our tenant improvement services or have any questions about any of our other services, please feel free to contact KME Architects in Las Vegas by phone or by using our online request form.

Why Choose Us?

KME Architects is a full service architectural firm that has proudly serviced Las Vegas, Guam, Atlanta and surrounding areas since 2009. Our skilled architects embrace all aspects of sustainable design and provide services in both the public and private sector.

Our Awards

KME Architects was nominated as the best small firm in Las Vegas in 2010 by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and was selected by the City of Las Vegas to lead the master planning and Building Commission of the oldest elementary school in Las Vegas history.

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Feel free to contact KME Architects via phone or request a free consultation using our online form.

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