The Club at Sunrise

The Desert Rose Golf Course Clubhouse project consisted of providing a new building to take the place of two existing building that had previously housed the pro shop, offices in one building and the restaurant and kitchen in another building. KME Architects was commissioned to design a new Clubhouse Building that would help revitalize the area and attract patrons back to the golf course and restaurant.

KME Architects’ design for a new building would include a Pro Shop, Restaurant, Bar and new full service Kitchen that would not only support the restaurant, but also accommodate large catering events held on the golf course grounds. KME Architects’ design would incorporate all these amenities within one new redesigned building. A building that would act as the landmark and meeting place for the newly designed golf course. KME Architects incorporated much of the historical character of the area and existing buildings within the final design to provide a sense of nostalgia for the customers that have been visiting this golf since its original opening in 1964. KME Architects combined the past with modern design and inspired finishes to create a space that customers would find themselves frequently visiting.

The disciplines provided in this project included: Architectural, Interior Design, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical Engineering.