Unity Tower

KME Architects participation in the skyscraper competition for eVolo Magazine is represented in the following images. This competition had no limits in regards to the size, program or site for the project as to allow participants to create freely to their highest potential of imagination. The focus was to address issues such as unplanned urban sprawl, social and environmental impact, and context. We were to consider advances in technology in our design to approach these matters.

Our concept was to build a skyscraper that would serve as a connection point between Hong Kong and Macau, creating a unity between people, culture and environment. The lotus flower on Macau’s flag guided the shape of our design as well as our concept. Our skyscraper was mix used which housed hotels, retail, condominiums, restaurants, gyms, theaters and indoor and outdoor pools. A strong connection to nature is evident with the many roof gardens and open outdoor areas that provide the visitors with natural light and ventilation. We integrated advanced technologies such as Piezoelectric nanowire fabric, Wind belt technology, wind cell panels and solar cells to create an innovative and fundamentally efficient design.

This competition strengthened our ability as a firm to collaborate and gave us an opportunity to enhance our knowledge on the current world of design. As we continue to evolve, we will be participating in competitions similar to this in the future.