Wendell P. Williams Elementary School

Located in the Historic West Side of Las Vegas, Wendell P. Williams elementary school is the first prototype two-story elementary school (K-8) that was built in the city of Las Vegas. The facility is approximately. 68,200 square feet and houses over 600 students. The building features many sustainable concepts which include innovative day lighting concepts that greatly reduce the need for costly electrical lighting, the inclusion of natural ventilation, and many other sustainable elements that help make the building run more efficiently and cost effectively. This project also included the development of state of the art teaching tools to as well as a creative design that leave some of the structural elements exposed (as shown in the following Images) and create a sense of sculpture that help to convey a sense of creativity to the learning children.

Services Provided

  • Architecture
  • Sustainable Design
  • Interior Design
  • Programming
  • Master Planning
  • Site Design


68,200 sq ft

Completion Date



Las Vegas, NV